Want to be a 2016 bts senior model?

What does a Senior Model do:

A Senior Model promotes, through their naturally outgoing and friendly personality, our senior portrait services to friends and other students.   We photograph our models early in the season and provide them with some fun marketing materials from their session to aid in getting referrals.  This photography is done in the spring to ensure you will have your images and other promotional materials as soon as possible before summer break.  

{Senior Model Benefits}

- Modern Senior Session including Makeup & Style Consultation with Brooke Taylor Studios for 50% off normal pricing
- A custom mobile app to share your images with friends, family and classmates
- {10} Digital images to show off on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
- Cash for each senior you refer
- Models will also receive an IPAD MINI or $300 cash! {minimum of 10 booking referrals}
- Throughout the year our senior models will also be invited to participate in additional complimentary shoots, model parties and to win fun contests all year round!


- Be a full time student graduating from high school in 2016
- Be outgoing, energetic, and enjoy being photographed
- Have your senior portraits done exclusively with Brooke Taylor Studios
- Get the OK from your parents


Q: When does the session take place?
A: Initial Senior Model Session will be booked in April or May.

Q: Why does our session take place in Spring while we're still juniors?
A: Many seniors book their senior sessions for the summer right after Junior year so we want to get our reps their cards to hand out before summer vacation.

Q: How many senior reps do you have each year?
A: We accept 8-10 senior reps per year, no more than two per high school.

Q: Do the we receive prints?  What is a print credit?
A: The senior reps receive a discounted session with a print credit and 10 fully retouched web-optimized images.  All prints are sold separately. 

Q: Is there a limit on amount of referrals & credits that may be earned?
A: No, refer away! There are no limits on how many credits you can earn as a representative. Credits will be issued when a referred senior's session is booked and paid in full.

Q: When will you announce the chosen reps?
A: Applications are due by March 31st and then we will announce the 2016 BTS SENIOR MODELS by April 15th.

excited to be a senior model?  fill out the app below!

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Thanks for applying to be a 2016 BTS Senior Model! We will be announcing all of our models by April 15th.