Thank you for assisting me with this wedding.  I look forward to working with you! 

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Please dress in a comfortable but professional outfit. Dress how you would as a guest to a wedding. I will give you some direction as to what I would like you to capture, but I give you creative control to seek out shots that you think the couple would value. I appreciate anything you do that assists me with making the day run smooth like holding a camera, fluffing a bride’s dress, posing, and seeking out great spots at the venue for pictures. I am contracting you as part of my photography business. If any vendors or guests ask you what your photography business is, please say you are an assisting photographer with Brooke Taylor Studios. No self promotion please. If they want a business card, you can refer them my way. You are welcome to stay and eat dinner with me if the situation is appropriate. No drinking or smoking at the wedding venue. Do you agree to these expectations?
Please make sure you turn off the copyright in camera. Shoot RAW. I would like you to cull the images for the best of the best only. Please upload them to dropbox within 48 hours of the wedding. If you would rather shoot on my cf cards, I can provide some to you for return before leaving. Do you agree to these requirements?
Brooke Taylor Studios will have full ownership of the resulting images from the wedding. You will be granted a license to use the images in your portfolio for the limited purpose of demonstrating your work. I will cull down your pictures to edit and give to the couple. I will not post any of your pictures on my social media pages without crediting you. If our wedding goes to publication, I will credit you if your pictures are used or I may choose to only use my images in the submission with my business name only. You may use your digital images for your website portfolio, but please do NOT post any to FB or social media. Please do not reach out to any of the wedding party or guests to share pictures from the wedding. If they contact you, please send them my way. Thanks again! Do you agree to these terms?